Loft Ladies


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Lisa Händler

& Netseries Content Creation

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Priormart Online Rights Notary, Germany

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Log Line

Agnes, 44, lives in the middle of the city, but totally withdrawn in a loft. The bare necessities come to her on a fixed schedule: clients, groceries and deliveries. All seems well, until a letter reaches her from her globetrotting hippie-mother, who is supposedly lying on her deathbed in her luxury villa on Ibiza. Her last will, enforced by a inheritance executor: become a sociable, eco-conscious participant of the community and a close family member to your estranged sister Amanda.

Now her safe haven is challenged by the roots, because if she and her sister are not able to somehow demonstrate the accomplishment of their mother’s last wish, the loft and the considerable inheritance are donated to their mothers favorite charity fund.

Rebelrouser Amanda 51, is actually on the run from her husband Vlad with her young lover, when the same letter reaches her. Barging in to the old family loft with her mafia lawyer Katja and a suitcase of cash Amanda proposes to hole up together in their tower and try to fullfill the terms of the inheritance there over a few short months.

The sisters conspire to look for some flat mates online that could unknowingly fit the mold and be their instant eco-conscious community, if not even commune. The sky is the limit. And the inheritance seems just a click away.

By the time evening rolls around Amanda’s daughter, Influencer-Wanna-Be Bella, has joined the chaos in the family loft, happily vlogging about where they are, leaking their location online.

Within days the peaceful sanctuary is a mess crawling with strange new flat mates and estranged family members, none of whom are clued in to what’s actually happening and why.

Agnes and Amanda try to keep it together, with Katja advising them each step along the way and the inheritance executor due to show up for an unannounced visit at any time.