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C.G. Jung

„The contents of the collective unconscious…. are known as archetypes.“

Modus Operandi Scriptum

The above projects were all developed using the human „archetypes“, initially written about by C.G. Jung, but further boiled down to their essence by other psychologists, such as Robert Moore and Doug Gillette. In this modus operandi for screenwriting, used by many in their own ways, the idea is to base the characters and their journeys on the full spectrum of characteristics that have been scientifically observed by psychologists.

As an author of an original screenplay or series one has the opportunity to invent a new set of characters. Often one feels one is inventing „someone“ new. Most writing coaches will tell you  though that the characters you „invent“ are simply aspects of yourself.

I found this to be true in my experience of writing as well, but was intrigued to find out about the archetypes. The knowledge of these archetypes helped me as a writer identify aspects of the characters I hadn’t thought of, because I myself am more familiar with the archetype I resonate with most. This may help the writing process by opening up a world of character traits and decisions outside of one’s own archetypal „modus operandi“. One writer may be fluent in the language of the lover, while another knows more about the world of the warrior. Each „world“ has its own set of rules and ways of looking at the world, setting priorities in ways that are anathema to each other. As a writer I found myself being able to think as the new characters in terms normally outside my „modus operandi“.

After learning about these archetypes in personal development seminars in Berlin and bringing them in to my storytelling process as a screenwriter, I have developed screenplays and series using the knowledge of the archetypal grid of characteristics as a map for storytelling. I then started giving seminars on them as well, preparing a group of writers and actors, for the development of a new series. These seminars will be available again soon and online starting in 2022 on the membership platform launched by my writing partner Diana Beulieu and myself called:

As storytellers we feel compelled to inclusde personal development in our journey as artists so that we have something to bring to our audience, our „tribe“ when we come back from our artistic journeys, our „quests“.