Your Story

The story of who you are is much bigger than your mission statement, or the vision of your company. The story of who you are is the story of what you are doing in the real world. It's the story of what you are changing in the world.

Show Reel

A brief narration, told over videos I created with my team, about telling stories, like yours…

Your Trajectory

...there is only change for the better or change for the worse in a world that is constantly changing. There is no plateau. There is no option that let's you and what you do be on a flat trajectory. ​

Your Hidden Qualities

So, what is it that you do? And how can you find this out? Business consultants make a living out of analyzing the components of your endeavor and applying what they know to their findings. They are good at putting together platitudes that sound fair enough to everyone. But do they see the passions that are yet to emerge, the truths that are hiding in plain sight? They can’t, because they’re minds can only extrapolate from the visible facts. Extrapolation through analysis can only yield predictios based on existing data.

Anything that is hidden because it has been forgotten or because it is still forming can only be intuited. In these times of great changes we need short cuts to what’s underneath the surface, because these are the emerging facts of tomorrow.  What we need today is a way to see what will show itself tomorrow…

Your "Verb"

Each company and individual plays a special role in the development of their field. A field that is constantly changing. And in our times, the pace of change is so quick that we can’t afford to wait and see before we make our choices along the way. We have to pre-empt many of the changes that are coming. We have to intuit the next need of the market.

The good news is that when we are plugged into our inspiration, into to our passion for holistic improvements and advancements that are good for the all, we are plugged in to the same river that is impulsing the changes in our field. It is part of the nature of the process.

Clients have told me that they understand their process better after finding their story with me. As a story intuitive I go on an intuitive journey with you to find out what is emerging for you and what is already there and is maybe hidden in plain sight. We go on this journey together to find out what the main „verb“ is of what your company is co-creating and what you are truly forging in your field.

Your Challenge

There usually is a challenge that emerges that you can choose to take and a truth about what you are that can help us find the ways in which you can show up in the market. Finding the right words and images is then a matter of choosing them with those findings in mind. Scripts for videos, claim sentences, logos, mission statements and visions can then be derived from or developed through these discoveries. Having these sentences and images that carry a deeper truth about what you do then sets not only a motto but creates a shift in the energetic field in and around you or your company that sets the trajectory of where you are going. Positioning yourself is finding your truth first and then making a strong intention which is spoken and acted upon. Having your story straight matters. It is the course you are setting sail on and the map you are using to navigate these oceans of change we are in the midst of. Don’t let consultants describe to you what is visible on the surface and accept this as navigation. Let’s take a look under the surface of the visible waves. Using an inner compass we can find the true cartography of who you are and what you are truly wanting to be and make happen in your field.


What I Offer

I am a story intuitive. I find story strands that are beneath the surface and also archetypal characteristics that are hiding in plain sight. The components are there waiting to be called forth and waiting to be allowed to emerge and go into action. The different forces and components of story exsist in an energetic form that can be understood through the language of meaning and purpose. Not being aware of these dynamics simply means being subject to them in unconscious and ineffective ways. Looking deeper, allowing exsisting truth of components of story to emerge and making a conscious choice on how to navigate their meaning and communicating this specifically, puts you in control and makes you a luminous, charismatic player with a powerful impact in the game. Knowing who you are and what you are here to do aligns you with your purpose and this is feelable. It creates trust and commands respect. It creates coherence in your strategy and in your team dynamics. Inside or outside of your company, everyone knows where the journey is going and what needs to be done in order to get there. Details are clear because the broad strokes are defined. Let me help define those broad strokes with you by investigating your story and bringing it to the fore with a script and a video that communicates who you are and what you stand for. We can focus what you do by identifying your story and the „verb“ of what you do that changes your field for the better.


After working on our corporate video with Simon we understood our own product better!

-- Banu Bambal