Your Story

The story of who you are as a company or individual reaches beyond your mission statement.

Each project and product has its own story and discovering it can help your clients „get“ what you are offering.

Show Reel

A brief narration, told over videos I created with my team, about telling stories, like yours…

Case Studies

General Electric

"Testing Solutions" Sales Film

A Film by Writer, Director

Simon Björgvin Veredon

General Electric thought they needed a film that communicated all the different uses of their big ticket product „Testing Solutions“. The challenge was to fit all the unique selling points and functionalities into one sales film that would not be as long as a whole documentary.

The testing solutions product can test industrial engineering products from wind mills to jet engines. The list is so long that if each functionality were to be included the viewer would not get the overview of the product in a succint and compelling way.

What General Electric really needed was a story in three acts that would transport the essence of what they are prepared to offer their clients, WHILE mentioning the long list of functionalities as a titillating  „by the way“.

The solution included all of the above, while taking the viewer on a journey with challenges, obstacles and solutions, a story in three acts that covered the requirements and provided the fuel of „interest“ generated by story-dynamics. An important point often forgotten in industrial sales films. Any film needs a spark of life, an arc, a through-line to hang the points of information on, otherwise they really are just a list of information.

Röhm GmbH

"Silent View" Sales Film

A Film by Writer, Director

Simon Björgvin Veredon

Röhm GmbH were faced with the challenge of getting the „word out“ to decision makers, in towns and councils, that their brand new product exists and that it combines functionalities that have heretofore not been available on the market: sound absorbing walls that absorb sound AND are transparent.

The solution was a script based on workshops with audio engineers and experts that informs the viewers about the technical detail in a simple but comprehensive way that would satisfy both experts in the field and casual viewers.

To this end the final film includes 3D animations that illustrate the science behind the product visually in synthesis with the words heard in the voice over.

The live action shoot captured how easy the modular walls are to assemble and disassemble.

Here too the story in the script follows the three act challenge, obstacles and solutions 3 act structure, which helps the viewer come along for the ride and remember the key points of information that have been related along the way.

R3 Coms GmbH

"Echoring" Sales Film

A Film Format by Director

Simon Björgvin Veredon

R3 Communications GmbH thought they needed a corporate video to explain their product to first time visitors of their website.

R3 Coms is an innovations firm and by definition all their products are news when they are launched.

For this purpose most companies of course spend time and money to write a press release „base text“ that goes out to journalists.

Since this press release text includes just the hard facts and the newsworthy announcement no workshops for the establishment of the script  were necessary. I proposed that I simply adapt the press release text to a voice over text and have kinetic typography created for most of the key words. Including a simple image of their product and one or two illustrations created a package that brings across the needed information in a simple and professional way, without any distractions.

I call this the „Base Clip“ format, which is available for any product that already has its press release text ready.

An entire corporate video would have been above the available budget for this simple purpose, so R3Coms is very happy with this practical and purely informative format and their new customers get informed quickly and efficiently without having to scan the whole website.

Your Trajectory

In a world that is constantly changing,

…there is only advancement or erosion.

There is no plateau.

Your Story & Your Hidden Qualities

Business consultants make a living out of analyzing the components of your endeavor and applying what they know to their findings. They are often only good at putting together platitudes that sound fair enough to everyone, a consensus, a compromise.

Beyond that view, what is it that you really do? Do consultants see you and your company, perhaps with passions that are yet to emerge in you or the team? They generally can’t, because these questions go beyond the level of the rational mind. They can only extrapolate from the visible facts, which can only yield predictions based on existing, visible data.

Anything that is hidden because it may have been forgotten or is still forming can only be intuited by a deeper process. In these times of great changes we need short cuts to what’s underneath the surface, because these are the emerging facts of tomorrow.  What we need today is a way to see what will reveal itself tomorrow…

Your "Verb"

Each company and individual plays a special role in the development of their field. A field that is constantly changing. And in our times, the pace of change is so quick that we cannot afford to wait and see before we callibrate our trajectory. We have to pre-empt many of the changes that are coming.

The good news is that when we are plugged into our inspiration, into to our passion for holistic improvements and advancements that are good for all, we are plugged in to the very same river that is impulsing the changes in our field. Fortunately, for this challenge of ours, it is part of the nature of the story-finding and story-telling process.

Stories & "Getting It"

Clients have told me that they understand their own product and process better after finding their story with me and seeing it told in a product film or a company video. I offer you that we discover what is emerging on a deeper level for you and your team. We can go on this journey together to really understand what you are already co-creating and whether there may be a bold change that you and your team are ready to forge in your field. Once we have that nugget of conscious understanding, I can pour  that story dynamic into a comprehensive and concise three act script and out of that, a sharable film, through which your team and your clients will be able to easily „get“ what you are doing. And because it’s a story, this „getting it“ will stick.

After working on our corporate video with Simon we arrived at a better understanding our project...

-- Banu Bambal